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Friday, April 20, 2007


Welcome to The Macadamian Files

The goal of The Macadamian Files is to discuss in-depth the common issues and problems developers run into during the course of their day at Macadamian. The blog is language-agnostic, however language specific postings will heavily favour C/C++ issues.

The posters to this blog comprise the development team at Macadamian. As a product development outsourcing lab that specializes in new and early-stage products, we're fortunate to work on (what we think are) some of the most interesting products coming out of technology companies today, from startups like Third Brigade to leaders like Nortel and top PC manufacturers.

In terms of technologies, we've worked on everything from embedded environments to full-scale desktop applications, from writing our own pre-1.0 EJB container in '98, contributing to WINE and writing the PAL in Microsoft's Rotor, to writing SIP clients and developing full drop-in replacements for the Microsoft default resident dialer in Windows Mobile 5. We get to work on some pretty interesting projects. This blog will be about sharing some of those experiences and lessons, or at least the non-confidential ones.

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