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Monday, April 21, 2008


A quick look at Apple's iPhone SDK - Barcamp style!

The latest Macadamian Barcamp session focused on Apple's iPhone SDK. We found that the iPhone SDK shined by the quality of the tools it bundled. Instruments, the included profiler was rather impressive. This seems to be one of the framework's strong points. Templates to start building applications out of the box are also provided in Xcode.

We agreed that since the iPhone framework requires the use of Objective-C, it will have a fairly extensive learning curve for any person not used to native OSX development. In comparison, Google's Android is based on technologies we are more familiar with, but still has some rough edges. It will be nice to see how the two SDKs stack up, once the Android platform becomes more mature.

Below's a Barcamp style comparison chart of the smartphone SDKs we looked at:

Contributors - Aaron, JCB, Tony H, Dan M, Mark K, NOT Oren.

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